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If your question is business related...

    If you want to speak to me directly or wish to send me post, please email me first and I will give you my personal contact details. (This is simply to prevent junk mail and cold callers trying to sell me double glazing.)
    Email me at:

If your question is regarding The Monkey...

Before you contact me, it's a good idea to look at the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) page first or the installation instructions. Here I publish the answers to the most common questions about getting started with The Monkey. If you still cannot find the answer to your question then use the contact form below to send me details of your query.

Please Note:
If you have a Product Key or Payment Transaction ID please include it. This enables me to deal with your query more quickly. You can use the form below or use the following email address:


Email Address:

Product Key:

Payment Transaction ID:


Didn't receive a reply?

Because of the increase in unsolicited mail (spam) it's possible that my email to you has been tagged as 'junk-mail' by your email server or even your email reader. Please check your junk mailbox for messages from me before contacting again.

I have spam filters on my server too. This means that mail from you may have been tagged by my spam filters! To make sure your email reaches me, use the contact form above.

Don't you just love spammers...

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