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I Want To See All My Information!

One of the hardest things to do when you need to talk to a company is to be able lay you hands on all the information for that contact. The Contact Diary pulls ALL the information and correspondence you have stored for the contact into one easy to read place!

Usually when you phone up a company to sort something out or make a complaint, they usually have most of the facts on you. Wouldn't it be nice to turn the tables for once? Wouldn't it be great to have every single piece of information at your fingertips to put you in the driving seat of the conversation for a change? With the help of our correspondence tracking feature, this can be done.

• - See everything in 1 place!
• - No more lost information
• - Centralise all your facts
• - Track correspondence
• - Unique & Easy to use

The Monkey also allows you to group contacts into different categories. For example, you could create a category called 'Restaurants' to store all your favorite restaurants in. Later, if you need to find a restaurant you simply ask The Monkey just to display contacts from your restaurants category.

Don’t worry if you have contacts stored in a different program. The Monkey provides a way for you to import all your contacts, saving you the trouble of writing them all again.

Exporting your contacts:
The Monkey also gives you the facility to export your contacts for use in other applications. For example, your up-to-date contact list can be loaded into your mobile phone so you always have the correct details to hand or you can perform a mail-merge with you word processing package.

The Contact Manager also boasts a simple but powerful search facility, making it easy for you to find any contact even if you only know part of the contacts name, address or phone number. Contact tracking and management really couldn't be any easier.

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