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Talking to many people during the design stage, I found out that one of the most despised task of running a home was dealing with the all paperwork, bills and letters every day. What people wanted was a really simple way for the PC to organize it all for them.

Most of the things we’re required to sort out on a daily basis, still arrives in the mail. I needed a simple way to be able to put the details of any document into The Monkey. I also realized that if I could do this, then people could use it to ‘clear their desks’ if they’d got mountains of paperwork to get through. For many people, just getting started was an uphill battle.

• - Organizes the paperwork.
• - Auto fills your diary for you
• - Search facility included
• - Sort on any criteria
• - Never loose a document.

The idea of the Letter Manager was simple - just throw every letter into the computer and then let the computer sort it all out (isn't that what computers were invented for?)

Here’s an overview of my 'job brief' for the Letter Manager:

1 – User ‘feeds' key information into The Monkey (maximum time = 60 seconds).

2 – The Monkey should then - automatically:

• - Create an event in a ‘diary’ if we need to do something with the letter.
• - Put the amount in the cash register if there's an amount to be recorded.
• - Add who the letter was from to my list of contacts
• - Help me file the letter so I can easily find it later.

Simple? The Letter Manager is unique to The Monkey. In less than 60 seconds per letter, it organizes and files what would otherwise take hours or even days to do. For each document you process, The Monkey gives you a unique ID number to identify your document. That number is then used throughout The Monkey.

For example, if The Monkey creates a diary appointment or maybe an entry in the Cash Register for you, it will also include the original letter ID for you. That way, no matter how long you leave it, The Monkey will always be able to find your letter for you.

How many times have you received a letter to do something a few weeks away, only to find you've lost the letter when you actually come to need it? If you follow The Monkey, you'll always be able to find any document.

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