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Passwords for everything?

I'm afraid so. The more we move into the digital age, the more it seems we need to keep track of. Even DVD and video stores require us to have an account number and a password.

We're often required to have passwords for email, shopping accounts, bank accounts, Internet forums and discussion groups, car insurance - the list is endless.

Using the The Monkey as your password manager software makes it simple to keep track of these.


• - Never forget a password
• - Keeps them safe & secure
• - Password wizard included
• - Group passwords together
• - Encrypted for protection

It's difficult sometimes to appreciate how many accounts ID's, passwords, Logon ID's that we are now using in our day to day activities. The internet, online banking, you name it, we need to have unique identifiers. Even the gas and electricity companies are now seen to be moving to account ID's and passwords to identify customers (presumably for the time when we all handle our accounts online).

In comparison, phone numbers and address details are easy to remember but passwords can be difficult. For example, HmS34gTt5 is not the easiest thing in the world to remember and for complete security, you really should be looking at creating password that are not easy to crack. Using easy to guess words (Hackers can use 'dictionary software' that systematically tries every word in a dictionary). This is why you should always mix numbers and letters together for proper password protection.

Our password manager software can help you cope. Besides being able to manage your passwords for you, it also includes a password wizard that automatically generates hard to guess passwords. And for extra security, every time you exit the Password Manager, your password details are automatically encrypted.

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