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The Today window is unique amongst organizers. Not only is The Monkey the ideal daily appointment calendar which helps you keep track of tasks and meetings, but it also works as a budget planner by listing the bills that are due out and any money that you have coming in.

Traditionally, you would have needed two programs for this to happen. An accounting package for your money, and a personal organizer and calendar for your tasks and appointments.

Now The Monkey brings them both together into one easy to read program.

• - See everything in one place
• - Updated automatically
• - Easy to read layout
• - Never miss another event

Your Money:

Being able to see when payments are due, you can check if you have enough money in your account to meet it.

This will help with budget planning, and prevent those letters telling you of 'insufficient funds' followed by yet another charge. By looking at the Today window, you can judge if you need to 'juggle' things around to make sure payments are met.It’s also easy to see any payments that should have been cancelled.

The unused monthly gym payment? What about payments that should have expired months ago but are still being paid out? Unlike the banks, it also lists all those small, regular spends too.

Quite often we mentally dismiss small spends because – they’re small. However, it’s still important to know that in five days time you’re going to have to find ‘X’ amount when your child is going to a friend's birthday and needs to take along a present.

By using The Monkey as your budget planner software, you can avoid it.

Your Time:

In spite of the fact that The Monkey can be described as a daily appointment calendar, I’ve always felt as though the words ‘Appointments and Tasks’ seem to be a bit too ‘work orientated’ for a personal organizer. Do I really have to have an ‘appointment’ to see my friends on a Friday evening?

Not really, but it does help if I don’t forget, or worse still, double book. Appointments and Tasks (or whatever you want to call them) are just another part of life that causes us big headaches if we don’t keep track of them.

Missing when you were supposed to be at the dentist (another charge these days), missing a school play, forgetting to take that important document into work - We miss things all the time, even more so if we were told about it three weeks ago.

No matter how long ago you were asked to do something, if you put it in The Monkey, the Today window will then tell you when it needs to be done. If it’s a recurring appointment like a birthday, anniversary, taxing or testing the car simply edit the year in The Monkey and it will be ready to remind you the following year too.

The Today window also tells you of the things you’ve missed. This is helpful if you’ve been away for a few days and need to catch up. It acts as a kind of ‘nag’ until you do something with it. You can even archive your old tasks and appointments so that you have a permanent record of when you did things.

Going away and still want to know what's going on without carrying a computer around with you? No problem, simply print off the Today window and The Monkey will tell you what's happening for the next thirty days. The Monkey really does make life easier.

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