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Why 'The Monkey'?

Sitting at home with a good friend of mine (Steve Hancock's), we were trying to think of a good name for the program. Thanks to Steve's inspirational talent for really 'thinking out of ones box', somehow The Monkey came along. Straight away, we were inserting phrases like 'being paid peanuts', 'It's monkey business', 'getting the monkey off your back' etc, into virtually any sentence that came along.

As crazy as it sounds, I just knew at this point, this is what the program had to be called. I say crazy, because who calls a piece of software they want taking seriously 'The Monkey'? However, it soon became easy to relate a Monkey to the program. I could see the way that most of us organize our lives and finances from day to day is very similar to those famous three 'wise' monkeys.

See No Evil:
This monkey reminded me of the way a lot of us 'hide' those letters and things that need doing. Those things we can't face today, always thinking tomorrow will be a better day to sort it all out.

Some people do this subconsciously, blanking things out. Some people do it more blatantly, hiding letters and things behind tea-pots or putting it in the 'to be dealt with later' pile. I'm sure this type of monkey, deep down thinks, "If I just close my eyes long enough, it'll all go away..."

Hear No Evil:
How many times have we closed our ears to good advice? As children we are so often told that we should 'Save for a rainy day', 'Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves' or how about 'Neither a borrower, nor a lender be'.

Of course, it's not just money that we have a saying or two, it applies to the the things we have to do and places we have to be. How about, 'Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today'?

I suspect though, in the case of most naughty monkey's it's probably a case of 'Don't do today what you can put off till tomorrow!'

Speak No Evil:
People don't openly boast if they're in debt or how they may be struggling to make the payments each month, it feels like a very private thing for obvious reasons.

People don't talk enough when they're financially in trouble, not even to the people they say they love the most. Most people prefer to wait till they cannot hide it anymore and by that time, it's usually ten times worse than it may have been. Don't hesitate if you're in trouble do something about it today!

Which type of monkey are you?
I'm sure most us at some point in our lives, will have seen one, if not all of these monkey's closer than we'd like. And this is what the program is all about. As the Credit Crunch bites, the pace of life quickens, then so does the paperwork, the bills and all the other things we have to do and places we have to be every day.

The idea of The Monkey is to have a single point of reference for all the things you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Just one place to put everything in and just one place to get everything out. Just enter the bills, letters, payments, appointments, tasks - anything you need to keep track of and The Monkey then tells you exactly what needs to be done every day and what bills we need to be paid. Simple.


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