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Creating a Budget:

After downloading The Monkey, follow these simple steps to create your own personal budget and get a true picture of where you stand today.

Why create a budget?

1 - Once you have The Monkey installed, click on the 'Menu' button on the top left of The Monkey.

2 - Then click the Budget Planner icon

3 - When the Budget Planner has loaded, click the 'Items' button at the bottom of the Budget Planner window:

4 - This will bring up a box for you to choose a category item to add. If a category item doesn't exist, click the 'New' button and add your new category. When you've made your selection, click the 'Select' button to add it to the Budget Planner.

5 - Next you need to add the amount and a frequency for your expenses. A good idea is get hold of your recent bank statements and look at what's regularly going out. This is also a good time to see if you're paying too much for things. When was the last time you checked if you could get your gas or electricity cheaper?

6 - The next thing is to add is your income. Click on the 'Income Items' tab and repeat the process to add the details of your income.

7 - Finally, click the 'Summary' tab to see your current position on the Budget Line.

Print out the details of your budget by clicking the print button and then review your spending.

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